In His grace we capture the beauty He created.

PF & Louise Wedding Photos Red Ivory
It was a scorching hot October day on PF and Louise's Wedding day at Red Ivory near Hartebeespoortdam. PF and his Best men were very brave with their hot photo session. They were great sports and had a lot of fun and laughs. Louise was cool and calm and very beautiful. She had eleven Bridesmaids (a definite record in our books).
Napo & Pulane – Batter Boys
We had a fantastic day with Napo and Pulane on their Wedding day. It was a morning Wedding and we were all off to a very early start on nine o clock Saturday morning. It was a lovely warm day with a touch of Spring in the air. Pulane was very relaxed and we could take some beautiful pre Wedding photos.
Nickie & Melanie @ Farm Inn
We had a fantastic day with Nickie & Melanie at The Farm Inn, with fantastic Wedding photos as proof. Michael Angelo - a leopard who has only been trained for 8 months was a special guest at their stunning Wedding photoshoot