Paul & Lelani at Gabbata Lodge

Capturing Memories

We had a lovely day with Paul & Lelani at Gabbata Lodge Wedding Venue.  It was a hot bushveld summers day.  We had some fun with the boys in the Wine Cellar, the pictures paint a thousand words.  Lelani looked lovely and, as always with the pre wedding shots they are really something special, as all the Brides make up and hair is still perfectly in place.  We had some fun with the Bridesmaids and then a few pre Wedding family shots.  It was special to Lelani to be able to celebrate the day with her gran.  Three generations together in one photo, is always a lovely memory, and will be cherished by all involved.  The Church was lovely and welcoming with the cool temperature inside.  Outside it was scortching hot. Paul & Lelani had a sand ceremony, which was very meaningful.  Once the two colours of sand has been poured together, no one can separate it again.  A great way of viewing your Wedding, what God has made one, no man can set apart.  We had a group shot of all the Wedding guests, family shots and then the fun Bridal party photo shoot.  This is a very fun component to any wedding and a large wedding party always delivers great photos.  Gabbata’s Gazebo was a backdrop to some lovely couple photos.  Paul & Lelani were extremely courageous when they climbed on the dam wall for some stunning photo shots.  After some nerve racking moments on the dam wall we proceded to the bush photos.  Paul and Lelani were blessed with a beautiful full moon on their Wedding night.  We were able to capture this on there Wedding photos and will be a good reminder of their lovely Wedding day.  They had a lovely reception with a great first dance.  The food was lovely and well presented.  Paul & Lelani had a great fun filled Wedding reception.  We wish them all the best for their future together.

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