Nickie & Melanie @ Farm Inn

Capturing Memories

We had a fantastic warm early Autum day with Nickie & Melanie at The Farm Inn.  Michael Angelo – a leopard who has only been trained for 8 months was a special guest in their stunning Wedding photos.  He was very lively but we managed to capture some magic Wedding photos.  Melanie was a very dapper Bride and had no problem touching the young leopard.  Nickie & Melanie are clearly great wild life enthusiasts.  We also travelled with the Game vehicle to the bushes, where we could capture some fantastic sunset Wedding photos.  Melanie always dreamed of a live band on her Wedding day, and we were spoilt with some fantastic music.  We had some lovely photobooth style shots with the guests.  We had a fantastic Night shoot, with very special Wedding photos captured.  The Farm Inn have cottage style buildings with very romantic evening lighting, the was the perfect backdrop for great Night Wedding Photos.  It was a very special day and we are glad we could capture the beauty of their Wedding day in so much splendour.  Nickie and Melanie have a fantastic Luxury Designed Wedding album with all the fantastic Wedding Photos of their Wedding day!  Enjoy all their lovely Wedding Memories!

The Farm Inn

The Farm inn

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