Marnus & Jeandré Wedding photos

Capturing Memories

We had a lot of fun with Marnus & Jeandré’s Wedding photos on there Wedding day.  Marnus was a real clown and everybody was laughing at his antics.

Oh my word, what an entertaining Groom.  He was totally over the top and the Wedding photos are evidence to the fun we had.  Jeandré was a classic beautiful Bride.  She was so calm and relaxed and did not stress one bit.  Except for when she arrived at the Wedding ceremony.  She soon found her composure and a lovely relaxed Wedding day followed.  While we were  busy with the Bridal couple’s Wedding photos, the guests were treated to some very nice looking and tasty drinks and tasteful snacks.  The Wedding photos were taken in a forest like atmosphere among very high Pine trees.  A rather strong wind began to blow and some pine cones began to fall around us with explosive landings on the ground.  One pine cone hit a guest on the head.  Fortunately the guest was fine after the ordeal.  Before the Wedding ceremony started, we scouted the area and found a perfect spot to do some Wedding photos after the Wedding ceremony.  We were blessed with a fantastic sunset at the spot we scouted.  After an extremely hot day the wind started blowing and it was extremely chilly at sunset.  Hats of to our Bride and Groom who continued with the Wedding photos.  It was well worth it.  The sunset Wedding photos are magnificent, and a great way to remember their special Wedding day.  After the Wedding photos, a lovely reception followed.  The food was delicious and the guests were all enjoying the opportunity to meet up with family and friends.  With Marnus and Jeandré’s opening dance, the floor was filled with dry ice vapours, creating an illusion of them dancing on clouds.  They were extremely happy and enjoyed their reception immensely.  They also planned a great Honeymoon, and jetted off to Mauritius the next day!  The perfect beginning to a lovely marriage.



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