Francois & Melissa at Cussonia Crest

Capturing Memories

We had a lovely Wedding day with Francois & Melissa at Cussonia Crest.  We are always excited about Cussonia Crest as they have a magnificent stone kraal with trees that are hundreds of years old.  The view from the top of the mountain is magnificent, and we always try and get our sunset photos there.  Francois and Melissa was blessed with a magnificent sunset.  Melissa had a very touching message that she pre recorded that played before the Wedding ceremony took place.  There was not a dry eye in the church.  After all the emotions were dealt with they had a lovely service.  We took a photo of all the guests which is always a great idea for the photo album.  Francois & Melissa and their Best Men and Ladies had a great time with the photoshoot.  The main couple shoot went off without a hitch and as always we had many jokes and a great fun time with the couple’s photo session.  When Francois & Melissa entered the reception hall they went straight to the bar to get a much deserved shooter to start off the evening.  There was a lot of fun and laughter with Francois’s speech.  They had a lovely party enjoyed by all.  Francois & Melissa will have a lovely Designer Album to remember all the wonderful moments of there Wedding day!

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