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In His grace we capture the beauty He created.

Johan & Mercia van der WaltJohan & Mercia are a husband and wife team who have been involved in wedding photography & lifestyle photography since 1988. We specialize in Wedding photography. Besides years of experience we are also equipped with the most up to date and high tech equipment available. With experience and excellent equipment we are able to capture fine detail and fantastic lighting effects. Your wedding photos will be of the best quality available. We are two photographers and do photographic styling to ensure picture perfect wedding photos. 

Our equipment include the following: Nikon D3S, voted Internationally BEST PROFESSIONAL Camera, Quadra Ranger & Pocket wizards combined with Nikon SB900’s for special effects and enhanced lighting. Highly skilled editing with the best and newest Photo editing programs – Photoshop CS6. We complement our beautiful wedding photos with a professionally designed wedding album. Our philosophy is that wedding photography is not just about a single well exposed photograph, but about a whole series of beautifully crafted images that capture the whole essence of your Wedding Day. When you get your wedding photography right, you can relive your wedding day all over again. From our very first meeting through to the very end when you collect your wedding album, we will establish a proper relationship with you, work with you to make sure you get the photographs that you want, and completely embrace your wedding day because we understand how important your wedding is to you. Your wedding day is unique to you so we give you the respect you deserve and the photographs you deserve. We would love to hear about your Wedding Day, so please do give us a call. 

Frequently Asked Questions

 1. Do you travel for weddings? Yes we travel nationally and internationally for weddings. If this is required, please let us know and we will give you a quotation. The first 200 km is included in the package price list. 

 2. What equipment do you use, do you have a backup camera? Our equipment are always in pristine condition. In the highly unlikely event of equipment failure we do have back up equipment. . Our equipment include the following: Nikon D3S, voted Internationally BEST PROFESSIONAL Camera, Quadra Ranger & Pocket wizards combined with Nikon SB900’s for special effects and enhanced lighting. 

 3. What can I do to ensure the best possible wedding photos? The secret is to be totally relaxed. An Engagement shoot is highly recommended. This will make you at ease with the photographer, we will go through the most used poses, and will be like a rehearsal for your wedding photos. The couple and photographers meet informally and we really just enjoy the day. On your wedding day, you know exactly how we operate and this puts you at ease and helps you to relax and enjoy your most beautiful day. 

 4. We live abroad and will not be able to meet with you until the wedding day? Social media, the Web and Skype are fantastic tools. We will use all these tools to communicate with you to know exactly what your wishes are. 

 5. Do you offer coffee table books? We have a fantastic range of Professionally Designed Photo books, printed on high quality paper. We can show you several examples when we meet.

 6. Do you use lighting equipment? Yes we use very advanced lighting systems, which provide above average photos. Quadra Ranger & Pocket wizards combined with Nikon SB900’s for special effects and enhanced lighting 

 7. Do you only shoot weddings? We are passionate about weddings, and enjoy celebrating the great day with the Bride and Groom. As a photographer it is important to be diverse. We have a well-equipped studio where we do family shoots, portraits and modelling shoots. We enjoy wildlife, architecture and landscapes. We also do Matric farewells and corporate photography. 

 8. Do you edit your photos? We pride ourselves in the exceptional quality of our advanced editing skills. We use the best editing program – Photoshop CS6. Every photo you will receive will be hand edited. Frequent national and international workshops are attended to ensure we are always up to date with the newest techniques and trends. 

 Things you should consider regarding your choice of photographer 

 • Choosing a photographer is one of the most important decisions regarding your wedding, there will not be a chance to re-shoot. 

• Planning the wedding takes months, the wedding itself last only a few hours, your photo’s last a lifetime, thus your photo’s is one of the most important elements of your wedding. 

• When choosing a photographer don’t be fooled by a few impressive photos of several weddings, anyone can take a couple of thousand photos at a wedding and get a few nice ones. Insist on seeing the photos of a whole wedding so you can judge the photographers consistency 

• You get what you pay for, there are many cheap digital cameras and photo editing packages on the market today. A lot of people use this and advertise themselves as photographers at bargain prices.

 • Look for detail in photographer’s photos, you spend a lot of time and money finding the right dress the photos must show the fine detail and not just a white dress. • You should sign a written contract stipulating the responsibilities of both parties and exactly what the photographer must deliver. 

 • Always ask for references. 

• Meet the photographer in person or have an in-depth conversation on the phone, on your wedding day you will spend more time with your photographer than anyone else, make sure you will get along. Will he/she help you relax or add to the stress? 

• Can the photographer shoot everything indoors if necessary? We trust you find all this information helpful.

 Please contact us for an appointment to help you plan your most beautiful day’s everlasting memories.

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